What is Splitting in Blackjack?

what is splitting in blackjack

Many passionate blackjack players develop unique strategies to boost their winning odds. However, one rule we would like to highlight is playing aggressively if the dealer’s hand appears weak.

One of the best ways to do that is to split the hand. Splitting in blackjack has become a popular tool players use to maximize their hand’s potential and beat the dealer. That way, you’ll double your hands and have better chances of winning.


Splitting in blackjack is a popular strategy used by players to increase their winning odds. You can only split the pair of cards with the same value.

Over the years, players have learned to maximize their winning odds by splitting cards and found that some pairs have more value when split. Although it can be challenging, you should always split particular pairs. Check them out below:

Split aces

If you get two aces, split them, regardless of the dealer’s upcard. Splitting gives you a chance for a solid next hand. If you play your hand with two aces, you’re starting with 12, and you must get a nine to win. On the other hand, if you split them, you’ll only need a ten or a face card to get 21 for either hand.

Split eights

Getting a good hand with two eights is difficult because you’re starting with a 16. It’s not a strong hand, and hitting with this value is risky.  


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