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Most of the mobile devices, laptops and desktops are compatible with Winbox apps and h5 version. All the Android and iOS devices are supported devices because Winbox apps are designed to adapt on different screen configurations. Winbox apps are user friendly and easy to navigate even for the beginners. To ensure the players have an ultimate gaming experience, all the gaming screens are fully optimized and seamless. The images resources and UI layouts are adjusted to the right sizes and resolutions according to the device requirements to make sure the apps are running smoothly. Winbox APK download version is complete and independent that can support all the devices with different pixel densities, device features, platform versions. Besides that, the Winbox h5 version is available now! It is developed to allow people access to Winbox mobile web without downloading the application. You can discover all the games in Winbox with just a mobile website now.

Why should you join as a WINBOX agent?

Winbox offers affiliate programs to the members as the members only get paid by the sales that they bring in. Winbox operational cost is fully supported by Winbox headquarters and the affiliates only required to pay for their own marketing cost. Therefore, the risk is lower because payments are only made for actual conversion. The agents can always scale up their business within their own budget. The agents will also get high returns if their marketing strategies are right without other concerns.

What is the WINBOX affiliate program?

The Winbox Affiliate program is a partnership Winbox established with interested parties or stakeholders to market our services using our website URL links. This can be described as an ‘agent’ or ‘spokesperson’ who understands the company (Winbox) and promotes it to earn a money bonus commission that could be incredibly high. In return for being an affiliate, Winbox shall pay a commission – normally in state of the percentage of net profit they generate and contribute for Winbox.

An affiliate party will promote Winbox with their own ways, own team, own mediums and network platforms and as well recruit more members or downline players. An affiliate party will create creative contents or plans revolving around the Winbox company in order to target the right audience and generate traffic. It is common that there are more than one affiliates working for Winbox and certainly the greater one could be able to bring more value to Winbox, the more the resources they will be granted by Winbox.

How to become a WINBOX agent?

To develop affiliate marketing in Winbox, it is pretty simple. All the newly joined members in Winbox will automatically become Winbox agents. They can think of all alternative ways to direct the traffic from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels to get conversion with their affiliates. As long as the new members access Winbox apps with their affiliate code, top up and play the games, then they can earn their commission for their referral fees with Winbox affiliate marketing.

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